Likebook Update 2021072816 Released!

Boyue has released version 2021072816 for its Likebook series.

Update (30th of July, 2021)

This firmware update introduces a bug that causes the device to automatically turn on a few seconds after the “Sleep” button is pressed. We were informed by Likebook that this bug will be addressed in an update in the next few days.

We recommend waiting for this bug to be addressed before updating.

Update (3rd of August, 2021)
This issue has been addressed in Likebook’s latest software update (2021080214).

You can find the complete release notes below:

Likebook Software Update Version 2021072816
  1. Fixed a bug that caused searching of words to be inaccurate.
  2. Fixed a bug that caused a crash when loading books in zip files.
  3. Fixed a bug that caused text to overlap some books.
  4. Continuous underlining of text is now improved.
  5. Fixed an issue with Bluetooth connections that caused keyboards to disconnect after being connected.
  6. Fixed a bug that caused books in zip files to not have their covers displayed correctly.
  7. Fixed a bug with the “floating ball icon” where it would be present even after the screen is locked.
  8. Fixed a bug that prevented the first word on each page from being selected.
  9. Fixed an issue that prevented users from logging into third-party applications.
  10. Fixed an issue with the layout of some Arabic books in the form of docx files.

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